HP Printer Driver is Unavailable Windows 10

27 September 2021

Issues like HP printer unavailable Windows 10, surely will frustrate the users. This issue is pretty familiar with all brands of printer; however, HP users have reported that their printer is unavailable and hence it fails to
Most of the time this error occurs when we use an outdated version of the printer driver. If you are in an issue like this, then make sure to check out the following solutions.

How to Fix Printer Unavailable Issues?

Reinstalling the Printer Driver:

When you face printer unavailable issues, the first thing that you will have to do is reinstall the printer driver.

  • Go to the start, then in the search box type device manager; once the search result shows the device manager, click on it.
  • Now, click on the print queues and then right click on the printers and choose uninstall device.
  • Again you will have to click confirm to uninstall the device; once you have done that wait till the process gets complete.
  • Finally, restart the device at once the uninstallation process gets completed. The issue ‘HP printer unavailable’ can be fixed easily by the steps given above.

Compatibility mode must be used to install the HP printer:

  • Go to the official website of the HP; choose the support option and from the drop down menu, click on the software and drivers.
  • Then from the different choices, click on the option printer and type the printer’s name, click submit.
  • After that click on the driver file to download, once it is downloaded double-click on that file and click on the properties.
  • Now from the different tab, click compatibility and choose ‘run this program in compatibility mode for’.
  • Just below that there is a drop down menu, click on that and choose windows 8.
  • Check the Run this program as administrator box and choose apply and finally click ok.
  • Then double click on the driver file to install and click yes to begin the installation process.
  • Once it gets installed, you can reboot your device. When you setup printer HP as instructed, you can avoid issues that are linked due to it.

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